About Us

Chessington Unity Running Club (CURC) has equal access at its heart. We hold weekly and annual events and sessions; accessible to everyone.

The club was started by a small group with a wide range of experience in different clubs and groups; who wanted to start something that belonged to Chessington, and anyone who wanted to try running for themselves.

Our goal is to make this club a big part of the community in Chessington. Our motto is ‘run as one’ as we really want everyone of all abilities to feel welcome, and supported. Join us and we will support each other, whether its first steps into running, coaching sessions or social runs. You can expect to hear from us about events and sessions that will suit you throughout the year.

Although only recently formed we have an EA trained coach, run leaders and welfare officer within the club. So if you’re keen or just curious about joining the club, please get in touch with us for more information at info [at] unityrunningclub.co.uk and join us at one of our weekly club runs.

Meet The Committee

Tom Arkle – Chairperson

Pace: on my own 5.45 mins/km; having a chat – anything from walking upwards

I started running when I was about 20 or so, mainly because I was rubbish at other sports and it seemed like anyone could do this.  I set myself a challenge to get to a half marathon in a year, it took a whole year to gradually increase my distances to get that far but the year after I completed 3 half marathons in one summer. I’ve also run with my wife which was a great team activity, although she prefers Yoga! The thing that amazes me about running is that voice in your head that tells you you can’t; can be proved wrong by simply doing it. After a few months my 1k goal became an easy run for me, then my 5, 10 and so on. I now run for pleasure and for my mental health, it gives me space to think.

I talk too much and am happy to run with anyone at any pace!

Beverly Gow – Club Secretary

Pace: run at the speed of chat

I am a middle-aged menopausal woman that took up running for the first time 7 years ago.  I soon became a running bore and will shoe-horn that I have run 5 marathons into every conversation (did you see what I did there 😊!).  I love running and would love everyone to give it a go.  I often hear my peers say ‘I couldn’t even run for a bus’, and my reply ‘but what if you could?’.  I have a life goal to get as many people running as I can.  I am a massive fan of parkrun and am North Surrey Events Ambassador, as well as Event Director and Run Director for a number of parkrun events.  I trained as an English Athletics Coach in running fitness (CiRF) and now lead regular core strength training classes for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.  If you have a goal I would be happy to help you get there. 

Nicola Fickling – Membership Secretary

I’m not a sporty person. I’ve tried swimming (drank more water than swam through), boot camp (felt like I died every time I did it) and tennis (fairly sure I broke some strip lighting) but nothing worked for me until I discovered running.

I tried the couch to 5k plan and slowly built up confidence, and ran my first 5k in 2013. Without a support network I lost confidence again, but then joined the Zero to Hero programme and haven’t looked back.

I now run regularly 3 times a week, and can run up to 10k (slowly!). I want to help others find out the difference running can make.

Robert Wells – Welfare Officer

Pace: 5:30-6:30 per km

I have had an on off relationship with running for many years. During this time I flirted with half marathons and triathlons but did not fully commit.

Since lockdown last year I have fully engaged with running and committed fully to the process. Running is an excellent way to stay in shape and look after my mental health.

I am now in the final part of training for my first marathon in May 2021.

Carol Smith – Treasurer

I am Carol Smith (aka “Lippy”), retired Chartered Accountant, wife, mother of four grown up boys, a grandmother and one of Kevin Stone’s Zero to Hero members. I ran my first Kingston Parkrun in October 2016 and I have since achieved new running goals, from 10K, through 10 miles to half marathons, and more recently my first 16 miles. I like combining races with a bit of foreign travel and sightseeing with my running friends. I love the social side of running in a group and I love my club’s diversity and inclusivity. Running boosts my mood, gives me energy and allows me to have the odd glass of fizz without worrying about my weight!