Chessington Unity Running League – CURL

What is it all about?

CURL is our club league of 13 events across the season, starting in March each year, after the annual prize giving. Events range in distance, terrain and type. We have short one-mile runs, track runs, relay runs, parkruns, fun runs, handicaps, some longer runs and now that we are part of the Surrey League, hopefully, some Cross Country too! Something for everyone! We aim to ensure that each of our club values are met when we pick the events. We endeavour to choose events that all our members can enter by reviewing accessibly, cost and fun scale(!)

Members don’t have to enter or commit to every event. The upcoming events are published in the weekly newsletter but can be viewed here too:

Please note the August event for the HandiCURC is not on the 15th August but actually on Tuesday 1st August

Points are awarded in multiple ways; for taking part, volunteering and bonus points for achieving PB’s or running your longest distance. Again, something for everyone.

The top of the leader board is included in the newsletter following each CURL event. We are currently working on getting the entire table “live” on our website.

Not only is there the potential of an amazing trophy at the end of the season, but taking part in at least 5 events is part of the criteria to be entered into the CURC ballot for our London marathon place.

We do aim to circulate the events list to members in advance. This is achievable if organisers declare early.

Naturally, we need to include rules for the league, we try to keep them short;

You must pre-register which includes declaring you PB’s and your furthest distance in a race. You can still be part of the league without registration, but you will not benefit from bonus points for beating PBs or completing your furthest distance. Please register your details -> here! <-

Must be a fully paid-up club member of CURC (subs paid before 01.04)

Must wear club kit (except when running for an official charity and a charity tee is required.) If for any reason you don’t have a club t-shirt or vest ( maybe it’s still on order, maybe in the wash, or perhaps your other half has nabbed it) please let a member of the committee know in advance and we will try to organise a spare.

If you are supporting in any capacity, and seeking supporter points, it is imperative that this request is put by email to the committee. (We can’t have eyes and ears everywhere!)

Must list race entry as Chessington Unity Running Club member (including parkrun).

The committee aim to publish the league table as soon as possible after the event. If members spot any discrepancies, these must be reported within 10 days of publication. (Sometimes event organisers have glitches with results, sometimes human error – please let us know so we can attempt to fix errors.)

Where a CURL event has variable distances and/or multiple legs (eg River Relays), the committee will endeavour to strive for maintaining the same format for the allocation of points, although, bonus points for furthest distance and/or PB’s are not awarded.

The committee’s decision is final. Any attempts to exploit or influence points allocation may result in deductions. (So don’t be naughty!)

Points are awarded as follows:

 Completion of an event2 points
 Completion of an event with PB for that distance5 points
 The furthest distance in a race5 points
 Completion of the event “first across the line” for CURC members3 points for female and male
 Completion of the event “second across the line” for CURC members2 points for female and male
 Completion of the event “third across the line” for CURC1 point for female and male
 Age-graded “wins” as determined by the event3 points for female and male
 Volunteer at the CURL event3 points
 A supporter at the CURL event1 point
 Supporting CURC members at racesLeague organisers discretion