Can you tell me more about your group runs?

You can find all our runs on our Facebook page and on our Schedule Page. From short leisurely jogs taking in the countryside, to more challenging hill climbs, we have runs to suit everyone.

How fast do you run?

Our club is for all kinds of runner at varying abilities, and no matter what your pace we’d love for you to join in. We have a range of distances and paces but in smaller groups will always have someone keeping pace with the slowest runner. You can try out a session with us before joining if you want to find out more

How far do I need to be able to run?

We have runs and programmes for all levels of runner, whether you’re starting out slowly to get your first 1k, or training for your next marathon!

We have lots of shorter runs. If you’re not quite there yet, do check out Zero to Hero which can help you reach your 1-5k goal or follow the couch to 5k podcast – you could post in our Chessington Community Facebook group to find a fellow beginner runner to join you on your journey. If you have a specific goal in mind; we can probably find a way to help!

What should I know about my first run?

Let us know you’ll be joining us for your first run so we can make sure we welcome you personally. If you’re new to running maybe have a chat with us to get the best session for you.

Turn up at least 10 minutes before the start time so we can say hello and give you any information you need to know.

The most important piece of running kit is a well fitted pair of running shoes. But make sure you don’t try out new running shoes on your first run, very important to break them in a bit first!

What’s the best way to get to the meeting point for group runs?

You can find where we meet for our runs on our running schedule page. If we’re travelling further afield, most of our runs are accessible by public transport, and where a car is needed, we offer a car sharing scheme.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

You’re very welcome to bring along a friend or family member – they can try out a run without joining. If they enjoy it, they can join you and become a member too!

Can my child join?

Currently Chessington Unity Running Club doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to join. This will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Can I bring my dog on group runs?

Friendly, well-behaved dogs with short-leads are welcome on our off-road runs only (such as our Summer Horton runs). Members are asked to use hand-held leads not waist harnesses. Some races will also accept dogs.

How else can I get involved in the group?

We’re always looking for volunteers to lead runs (particularly if you have under-taken run leadership training) and support with putting on events, just get in touch and we’ll let you know what opportunities are available.

Do you have English Athletics membership?

You can now register for £19 as first claim with Chessington Unity with EA. As an EA registered member you’ll receive £2 off any English Athletic events you enter including most organised races. You’ll also have access to exclusive races including the Cross Country League! When you complete your membership form, please indicate if you wish to include EA membership.

How can I buy running kit?

Club kit can be purchased directly though our supplier ‘Just a little bit’ who can also offer to personalise your club tees at no extra cost and you can find full details on our Club Kit page.

Club tees are available in both men’s and ladies ‘true to size’ fit in either grey or green. You can also purchase other running kit from Up & Running our local running shop where as a member you’ll receive 10% off all purchases – simply let them know you member of Chessington Unity Running Club.

Why do you take photos at some of your runs?

We take photos of our runs and events for use on our website, social media and other club publicity materials. We will always inform you at a run if photos are being taken. If you don’t want your photos used in this way please inform us at the time. If you ever see a photo of you on our website or social media you have the right to ask us to remove it.

Do check out our Facebook Page after a run or event so you can recapture some of the great memories!

How can enter the club ballot for the London Marathon?

The club will announce via the socials and newsletter when the ballot is available and the deadlines for entry.
To enter and be considered for the club ballot you need to fulfil the following criteria:

1. You are an English Athletics member registered as first claim to CURC since April
2. You enter the London marathon ballot and fail to get an entry
3. You ran five or more Chessington Unity Running League events in the last 12 months